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Ivy Singh Lim.

That’s her name. She’s a 60+ year old person that owns a farm here and speaks with at least one vulgarirty in ever sentence.But under her many unpleasant qualities, she has a heart of gold. OHH yeah rmb how i said i was gonna wear a dress for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary? Well i’m not *wipes sweat* cos my Dad said you don’t want to wear? OK la. So i ended up getting a coos black top to wear on top of a cotton white shirt ^^ yay for me and for my awesome daddy!~ I’ll take pics OK? and you’ll see how fabuliscious i look. I went for my oral make up on friday and i THINK i might pass. hmmmm. The pic was so super hard. i was erring throughout the whole thing. ._. I MUST improve my Chinese campaign- that’s my next move. And one supporting me? *silence* lol >< such awesome ppl you are 😦 oh gtg and find hao ci hao ju for the coming cl compo. I also have to fold get ready for this bomb shell news- 100 cranes for my gp’s wedding anniversary >< argh the things i do for ppl.





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That’s right.

it’s B-A-D news ok?

so *drumroll* i got 2nd for 600m apparently coach’s plan did NOT work. He told me to start sprinting after 300m then the last 100 go all out. That’s what i did, or rather tried to do… So basically, i died at the last part. BUT! atleast i didn’t cry my heart out right? unlike some particular day that i would prefer not to mention. Ryan Koh Zhong Qi, that’s his name :X haha. Shhhhh. He got second too!~ Bob rumson is killing me on fb right now so I’m just gonna ignore him. He keeps talking abt Him but who IS Him??? Questions, questions, questions. Oh yesh, i skipped cl oral today so i have to go for the make up on friday. I felt super duper guilty today when leaving Mr tan before reccess. But im gonna make up for it and get A,A,A,A for all subjects! Oh wait, scratch that bi think B’s are more manageable! *paiseh*

gtg and day dream,



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Guilt is a terrible sickness.

That’s what i learnt also learnt that i don’t look prettah when i cry >< As of 23/4/2010 i was (and still is) depressed. And being the pig that i am, i eat (more than usual) when i’m depressed. Haha, i just ate like what ermm…alot of noodles and stuff so i gained 1kg alr(!!!) Yeah, i shld seriously snap out of it. Anyways in case you wanna why im depressed here are the reasons-

1) I cut from lane 5 to lane 2 in the 4x300m race when i was not supposed to

2) i got disqualified

3) correction- my team got disqualified

4) i walked toward the finishing line with my hand over my mouth.

5) i saw my team mates expression and i just broke down.

6) cried for abt 10 mins

7) the strong one( crystal- who was not crying) told me that it was OK and i shldn’t cry.

8) i stopped crying

9) i saw kat and charisse crying

10) i wanted to cry again but my eyes just kinda welled up.

11) i walked to the carpark with crystal supporting me (i was wobbly from all the cry)

12) i sat at the carpark and wore my sports shoes while waiting for the other two to come.

13) other two+choi sun(that wonderful girl) came and sat down with me.

14) both mums of kat and charisse came down.

15) consoling consoling consoling

16) wow we’re alr at chap 16? (:

17) finally made my way upstairs to face the music

18) saw my coach smiling at me (disappointingly)

19) kinda relieved that he was not angry

20) went back to the stadium seats and saw sarah smirking.

21) pissed off, went to go with jane(the other awesome girl) and buy nuggets and snacks from the mama shop ( and drinks too)

22) felt alot better when boarding the bus

23) ignored “her” and went of to sit somewhere at the back of the bus

24) stuffed myself silly with food :X

25) Didn’t sing once throughout the whole bus ride back to schl (surprise, surprise.)

26) Alighted the bus and waited for mummy outside schl

27) mom came and wanted to know what happened

28) explained and mum gives lecture

29) tears


31) shower and then more tears


33) laughed my head off despite my miserable state

34) went home and crashed

35) woke up feeling tonnes better ;D

see? at least my day has a happy ending HAHA

yeah so i have 1 more race on wednesday…wish me luck OK? i need all the luck i can possibly get.

byeee for now,

pengiun depressed penguin


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YAY! qualified for 300m! I was 0.19s away from beating national record >,< *hmph* yeah so 2nd person to qualify. The gun was freshly refilled with powder before my race. SUPER DUPER LOUD *BOOOOOM* haha yeah but it was a interesting experience. I got the  nice lane 4, smack in the mioddle. Tomorrow, skipping school (again) I have one xiao ce yan, one bu cong zuo ye, one zuo wen and one maths revision paper AND psp 86-89! HELLO! I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW! how am i going to finish ALL that(!!!) OH wait, what am i doing writing post. HAHA. nvm lah, :X. OHOH, tmrws events are 300m finals + 4x100m heats! I was on the phone with coach and we were having a phone peptalk (: that would be a first!

Coach: Just run and give it your best. Whether or not you get 1st or 2nd, it’s ok.

Me: K

Coach: Don’t worry. if your heavy and burdened with worry, you will run like crap.( he srsly said that word ah)

Me: K

Coach: So be light and just go out there and slaughter those bloody ppl (he really said bloody.)

Me: O..K

Coach: Bye

Me: Tks, bye.

Theres more at the beginning but that’s just abt all the important stuff ^^.

Yeah before i forget. Next week: don’t look at the screen @ the canteen. >< God will curse you ( if you do)

Ke$ha- Your ❤ is my drug

haha i am a lovesick crackhead!


penguin -_-


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hello peeps

ok a report on my first day @ CCK stadium-


2) i was 2nd qualifier for 600m!~

3) and 2nd qualifier for 4x300m! ^_^

4) i saw a nice person :X

5) i got 15 new songs on my hp +.+

6) i found out how delish too-much-milo-powder milo is!

yeah so that’s about it. So to sum up the day: It was pure awesome. Tomorrow is 300m heats and I’m freaking out cos i dunno how to do crouch start! *EEK* like do you put the left or right leg in front normally? Or what? Anyways, I’m going to start scolding my coach: He didn’t teach us how to run 4x300m today so we where left to ask fellow competitors for the rules and stuff. I felt so malu lah! ” Erm…i dunno how to run.” ” What??? Your coach didn’t teach you? Haiyoh!…..” And I’m like OK…but guess what? We beat every single person (in our heat) HAHA Gong Shan Primary beat us! Their relay is like super pro la

OMG, i have to go sleep

penguin zZZ

i heart my life (:

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I’m blessed with such awesome friends and family and i’m just beginning to appreciate them. I’m super anticipating the *th of may to come QUICK! cos it’s my grandparetn’s 50th anniverary! ^-^ that’s half a century peeps! imagine living with the other gender under the dame roof for that long! And nowadays there are marriages that don’t last more than a year! That’s why (listen up mummy) i’m not keen on getting married (yet) HAHA ;D but it’s too early to tell huh? Anyways back to the 8th of May, i’m taking up the job as doorman and speech giver. My grandparent’s will be wearing wedding outfits as they are re-tying the knot! Cool huh? Haha. And when i told my aunty i had absolutely no dresses in my warddrobe she was like:” OMG! No dresses. Tell me, are you a girl or not?” And in my head im ._. but of course i have to laugh la cos it was part funny. My oh-so awesome grandmama got a 6kg cake that is big  but the word should be huge. I told her that no one was going to finish it and then she told me:” Ah girl, i worked in a bank for so many years i can estimate better that anybody.” So i was left dumbfounded. The thing about my Grandma is she knows how to talk back. Not in a bad way but more in a sly cunning way. I guess raising my mum taught her some rebutting skills. Bah!~

O.O i have to go,

penguin ❤


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Right now. I’m reflecting the past 12 years of my lofe. Dude, that’s a dozen years of my life just wasted away. We are so caught up in the most controversial things that we often forget the simple things in life that are supposed to be treasured. Like our loved ones, or the ones that love us. Tuesday- D-day- the start of my nationals! Haha my last year and i’m set on breaking the record of 600m. WAIT! lemme check. oh wait that’s impossible *cheeks redden* never mind! Haha i will AIM to break the record ( did i mention i probably won’t) Spontaneous broadway: what’s your poo telling you. search it on youtube. wait i’m so nice i’ll get the link for you ah here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ_tjByuxdw

OK enjoy! it’s really nice and humourous. Read the book For one more day by Mitch Albom. It was great but it takes a certain amount of times to read brofire getting the full message. Basically, it’s about this guy Chick and he tries two times to commite suicide and fails. But at his last desperate attempt, he gets a meeting with his late mother, Posey. She then shows him the different side of the terrible life he sees himself in. Really good. MUST READ!

okok gtg,