Right now. I’m reflecting the past 12 years of my lofe. Dude, that’s a dozen years of my life just wasted away. We are so caught up in the most controversial things that we often forget the simple things in life that are supposed to be treasured. Like our loved ones, or the ones that love us. Tuesday- D-day- the start of my nationals! Haha my last year and i’m set on breaking the record of 600m. WAIT! lemme check. oh wait that’s impossible *cheeks redden* never mind! Haha i will AIM to break the record ( did i mention i probably won’t) Spontaneous broadway: what’s your poo telling you. search it on youtube. wait i’m so nice i’ll get the link for you ah here it is:

OK enjoy! it’s really nice and humourous. Read the book For one more day by Mitch Albom. It was great but it takes a certain amount of times to read brofire getting the full message. Basically, it’s about this guy Chick and he tries two times to commite suicide and fails. But at his last desperate attempt, he gets a meeting with his late mother, Posey. She then shows him the different side of the terrible life he sees himself in. Really good. MUST READ!

okok gtg,



~ by tearingonions on April 18, 2010.

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