i heart my life (:

I’m blessed with such awesome friends and family and i’m just beginning to appreciate them. I’m super anticipating the *th of may to come QUICK! cos it’s my grandparetn’s 50th anniverary! ^-^ that’s half a century peeps! imagine living with the other gender under the dame roof for that long! And nowadays there are marriages that don’t last more than a year! That’s why (listen up mummy) i’m not keen on getting married (yet) HAHA ;D but it’s too early to tell huh? Anyways back to the 8th of May, i’m taking up the job as doorman and speech giver. My grandparent’s will be wearing wedding outfits as they are re-tying the knot! Cool huh? Haha. And when i told my aunty i had absolutely no dresses in my warddrobe she was like:” OMG! No dresses. Tell me, are you a girl or not?” And in my head im ._. but of course i have to laugh la cos it was part funny. My oh-so awesome grandmama got a 6kg cake that is big  but the word should be huge. I told her that no one was going to finish it and then she told me:” Ah girl, i worked in a bank for so many years i can estimate better that anybody.” So i was left dumbfounded. The thing about my Grandma is she knows how to talk back. Not in a bad way but more in a sly cunning way. I guess raising my mum taught her some rebutting skills. Bah!~

O.O i have to go,

penguin ❤


~ by tearingonions on April 19, 2010.

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