YAY! qualified for 300m! I was 0.19s away from beating national record >,< *hmph* yeah so 2nd person to qualify. The gun was freshly refilled with powder before my race. SUPER DUPER LOUD *BOOOOOM* haha yeah but it was a interesting experience. I got the  nice lane 4, smack in the mioddle. Tomorrow, skipping school (again) I have one xiao ce yan, one bu cong zuo ye, one zuo wen and one maths revision paper AND psp 86-89! HELLO! I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW! how am i going to finish ALL that(!!!) OH wait, what am i doing writing post. HAHA. nvm lah, :X. OHOH, tmrws events are 300m finals + 4x100m heats! I was on the phone with coach and we were having a phone peptalk (: that would be a first!

Coach: Just run and give it your best. Whether or not you get 1st or 2nd, it’s ok.

Me: K

Coach: Don’t worry. if your heavy and burdened with worry, you will run like crap.( he srsly said that word ah)

Me: K

Coach: So be light and just go out there and slaughter those bloody ppl (he really said bloody.)

Me: O..K

Coach: Bye

Me: Tks, bye.

Theres more at the beginning but that’s just abt all the important stuff ^^.

Yeah before i forget. Next week: don’t look at the screen @ the canteen. >< God will curse you ( if you do)

Ke$ha- Your ❤ is my drug

haha i am a lovesick crackhead!


penguin -_-


~ by tearingonions on April 21, 2010.

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