Ivy Singh Lim.

That’s her name. She’s a 60+ year old person that owns a farm here and speaks with at least one vulgarirty in ever sentence.But under her many unpleasant qualities, she has a heart of gold. OHH yeah rmb how i said i was gonna wear a dress for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary? Well i’m not *wipes sweat* cos my Dad said you don’t want to wear? OK la. So i ended up getting a coos black top to wear on top of a cotton white shirt ^^ yay for me and for my awesome daddy!~ I’ll take pics OK? and you’ll see how fabuliscious i look. I went for my oral make up on friday and i THINK i might pass. hmmmm. The pic was so super hard. i was erring throughout the whole thing. ._. I MUST improve my Chinese campaign- that’s my next move. And one supporting me? *silence* lol >< such awesome ppl you are 😦 oh gtg and find hao ci hao ju for the coming cl compo. I also have to fold get ready for this bomb shell news- 100 cranes for my gp’s wedding anniversary >< argh the things i do for ppl.




~ by tearingonions on May 2, 2010.

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